“The sign was a great help. Mark was an amazing driver and they need to implement this through all ride share apps. It makes the experience 10x more convenient and safer. Too many people are getting into cars that are not their ride share and this sign will help this so much!”


“The sign with the name of the person who asked the ride is really helpful to identify the car/driver when arrives for you.”


“I had the best experience getting a ride this time because I was clearly identified in the front window by name. I’ve gotten in the wrong car many times and this alleviates that altogether... brilliant!!!”

Mark Damon

Hello! My name is Mark Damon and I am the founder and CEO of There's My Ride. A little about me, I worked as a locksmith for 30 years starting in residential then moved into lead locksmith within the prison system. I then switch to the Supervisor of Industries, running the soap and furniture shops for the Illinois Department of Corrections. Finding myself with extra time on my hands I began driving for Uber and Lyft. I have been driving for over 4 years now and have given over 13,000 rides. I pride myself on giving every rider the safest and quickest ride to their destination.

I also have two grown daughters and four grandchildren. They along with other family and friends use rideshare companies regularly. With my experience as a driver and all of my family and friends in mind, I knew there had to be a safer way. After hearing all of the horror stories, I started developing There's My Ride.

I am working tirelessly on creating an app that works seamlessly with a scrolling LED sign that fits safely in the windshield of the vehicle, visible to the riders. This technology is new to the industry and will reduce the stress of identifying the vehicle there to pick you up.

This will also assure that that driver is a certified There's My Ride driver. It is a little more expensive than just a sticker in the window but I think riders deserve us to spend the little extra money to ensure their safety.

I tried for years to work with other rideshare companies currently operating and none of them wanted to spend the time or money to implement this new technology to protect their riders. So I went to work to develop my own rideshare company on track to launch in August 2021 in Charlotte.

While taxi companies have been around for some time, rideshare companies such as Uber & Lyft are relatively new. With both, they require the car and driver to check out. This means the driver’s driving and criminal background must come back clean. They also require drivers to bring the car to an inspection center to ensure the chance of an accident or breakdown is relatively low. After all of this, before a driver can even start earning with either company they must upgrade their insurance. Still, the only indicator these drivers receive is a sticker to put on their windshield.

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